Better schools
for all students

Dear Public Schools Supporters,

Join us in supporting a smart strategic plan (below) for conserving costs while improving education, access to equitable college prep, and career training across PPS. With rational consolidations, we can reduce costs while providing robust programs with engaging electives like technology, band, choir, journalism, art, theater, athletics, robotics. This plan would fix K-8 disparities, provide rigorous Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate/College Credit at all high schools, and link more students with affordable college access and training for well-paying jobs. This strategic plan is based on careful analysis of graduation rates, demographic projections, geography, capture rates, voting patterns, and job creation considerations.

Our revenue structures are clearly broken, but this District is not wisely managing scarce resources nor strategically investing in programs that work. As we work toward revenue reform, bureaucratic streamlining combined with prudent consolidations will be the only way to ensure full educational programs and reasonable class sizes for all students.

Join us in supporting better schools for all students by liking Smart Schools PDX on Facebook and contacting City Leaders using the suggested talking points below.

- Defer a facilities bond until PPS has a plan for providing full educational programs inside our school buildings. - Cut deeper into Central Admin and cut expensive outside contracts to save teaching positions. PPS should not prioritize top-heavy bureaucracy (chiefs, regional administrators, directors, executive directors, Public Affairs, HR, System, Planning & Performance, Workforce Diversity & Development, Equity & Partnerships, Research & Evaluation, Data & Policy Analysis) when it is out of compliance on high school instructional hours, ESL, Special Ed, and other educational standards.

- Consolidate small poorly performing high schools and under-enrolled K-8s to conserve costs and provide robust programs with electives like art, music, PE, and library that keep kids engaged in school.

- Follow the Smart Schools Strategic Plan to boost rigor and offer AP/IB/College Credit and career training across PPS.

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